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I swiped this photo from Apnea's journal. It's a shot by Michael Helms of Apnea posing for me. Pretty sweet!

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Oakland again 
Rounding out my photo samples from the last trip to SF, here are three featuring Micaela. We shot these in an amazing old brothel in Oakland.

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Thanks, but no thanks! 
I love Yasmin Ling, more now than ever. She and some friends have just launched a new website. Bookmark it, get the word out, down with Palin!

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DSM Revision Petition

The DSM Revision Petition is gathering signatures from individuals and organizations calling on the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to adhere to empirical research when revising the diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Statements currently within the DSM Paraphilias criteria are contradicted by scientific evidence therefore NCSF must conclude that the interpretation of the Paraphilias criteria has been politically – not scientifically – based. This politically motivated interpretation subjects BDSM practitioners, fetishists and cross-dressers to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scientific basis.

"We, the undersigned, support the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) own goal of making its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) a scientific document, based on empirical research and devoid of cultural bias. A diagnosis of a mental disorder can have a severe adverse impact on employment opportunities, child custody determinations, an individual's well-being, and other areas of functioning. Therefore we urge the APA to remove all diagnoses that are not based upon peer-reviewed, empirical research, demonstrating distress or dysfunction, from the DSM. The APA specifically should not promote current social norms or values as a basis for clinical judgments."

To sign, go to: [link]
(You can make your signature anonymous on this secure petition site so it doesn't appear on the Internet)

To find out more about the DSM and the Paraphilias section, read the NCSF & ITCR: The Foundation for NCSF's "White Paper on the DSM Revision" at [link]

For more information, email: [email protected]

Please distribute to organizations and individuals and ask them to sign on!

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Apnea and Playboy 

Poor Apnea. She had a loooong day yesterday. The Playboy people picked her up at my house at 9am, and we didn't get back home until after midnight. As I mentioned before, I spent the morning doing some computer work, then went to meet them at the studio at 4pm.

Before I'd arrived, she'd already shot two sets with Perry Gallagher. Octavio was just setting up his lights when I walked in. Once Octavio had finished his two, it was my turn. We shot two solo sets, one video, and one girl/girl gallery with Apnea and the show's hostess, Kate Brenner. And, just for the record, the smokin' hot transparent latex dress and the outfits you sadly can't see on Apnea and Kate together, were made by the super-talented Alyssa of Black Lickorish.

It's always this way with these productions and a shoot that was supposed to end by 7pm lasted til well past 10. Not only was I photographing her, with the Playboy crew shooting me doing it, but afterward, I was interviewed and happily sang her praises. The show appears on the Playboy Channel and is called E-rotic. I can't imagine that it'll air before next year....

Exhausted, we ran off to get some dinner, then stopped by Octavio's house, then home. I was so tired that I didn't even download the photos before getting into bed. I know she was just as pooped, and she had to be perky for a shoot this morning.

I dropped her off at the airport a couple hours ago and won't see her again til December. Poo....

Here's a snapshot of one of my favorite moments of the day. We were setting up for our video shoot (Apnea looking fierce in a black catsuit and pink gasmask). When I looked over, she was texting on her phone and I just had to capture the image. It pretty much sums up my life. LOL

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Apnea and Kayla 
Apnea is sitting beside me while she waits for her ride. She's being filmed for a special on Playboy TV, it's gonna be great! I'm going to be joining them later on, but am taking the morning to get some work done. First order of business is samples from yesterday. Check it:

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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San Francisco was great. I don't know what happened last time, but I really wasn't feeling it. This time was a vast improvement.

I flew in Friday afternoon and met up with Mariya at Oakland airport. One $75 cab ride later, we arrived at our hotel in North Beach. We checked into our rooms then hit the pavement to kill some time before our meeting with the Zivity crew that evening.

The next day, I got up before dawn, showered, packed up my gear, and hoofed it over to Conan and Mischa's place. We caught a cab over to the studio and spent a few hours setting up lights and testing equipment.

The seminar went well, I think. I was pretty nervous but the feedback was good. Mosh, Mischa, and Mariya were terrific models and the attendees were all really eager to learn. I kept hearing them comment that they'd never before worked with such skilled models. I know how they feel because I am always aware of what a joy it is to shoot a girl who knows what she's doing.

After a twelve-hour day of bootcamp, we went back to the hotel and I shot a couple sets of Mariya. She pooped out and went back to her room, then Mosh and Philip came over and we trailed Mosh around the hotel shooting nudes in the elevators, halls, and stairwell.

The following day, Conan scored an AMAZING location. Mosh and Mischa were joined by the fourth M of the weekend, Micaela. The funny thing was that Micaela and Mariya were both Playboy models! Lucky us!! Our Oakland shoot was supposed to go from 11am-5pm, but no one was ready on time. I got up early again, went to rent a car, loaded up the gear, and still we waited. Luckily, the owner of the space was really really cool and let us start late and shoot later. We were at it til past 8pm.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends. I couldn't have asked for anything better!




The photo, above, of Mischa in white latex was shot exclusively for Fetish By Anna. I'll have some shots of Micaela to upload soon, I'm just waiting for some paperwork from her. =)

Today, I shot with Apnea and Kayla Jane over at Perry Gallagher's place. I had told Perry about Kayla and knew he'd love to shoot her. As soon as she arrived, he picked his jaw up off the ground, called Michael Helms to join him, and they tag-teamed her upstairs while I shot Apnea downstairs. I'll have samples later...

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Bootcamp or Bust! 

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow for the second time this month. This time, it's work-related, though. Zivity Bootcamp is on Saturday but I'm getting in a day early to settle in and meet everyone. I already know some of the Zivity team, one of the models (Mosh) and both the photographers (AddictedImage and Lithium Picnic). It's gonna be great!

I'm looking forward to the actual bootcamp as well. I'm teaching the portion on studio lighting. I hope I don't let anyone down. =)

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So, it appears that a bunch of NYC dungeons are getting raided/busted. My question is... Once they close all the places down, what are the judges and lawyers gonna do? Get outcall?

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I don't post much on my blog about politics and religion, because I like to keep things light and entertaining, etc. However, I'm really afraid for the future. This presidential election has seriously got me worried. And, I'm not the only one...

Matt Damon makes a very good point, don't you think? What if Palin was president? That is not a pleasant prospect. In addition to her lack of experience and lying about earmarks and the "Bridge to Nowhere", there's:

1) Banning books?!!!!?
2) She supports teaching creationism in schools (there's your dinosaur answer, Matt...)
3) She's anti-choice and, yeah... If some stranger violently rapes you and you become pregnant, GUESS WHAT? You're gonna carry that rape baby to term! Lucky you!!!
4) She believes in abstinence-only programs and doesn't want birth control taught.
5) etc, etc...

DEAR GOOD PEOPLE WHO ENJOY EROTIC ART, FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY, AND PORNO IN GENERAL... A VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IS A VOTE AGAINST THE FREEDOM TO ENJOY THESE VERY THINGS! The disastrous Bush presidency not only made me embarrased to be an American, not only ruined America in the eyes of the world, not only destroyed our economy, but also enacted the ridiculous 2257 laws in an attempt to run down the industry of pornography. Whether or not you watch porn, it's awfully nice to know you have the freedom to do it if you so choose.

So, how about a country whose leaders don't base policy on fairy tales? How about not voting for a candidate who chose a poor running mate just so he could get the Hilary votes? How about personal freedoms? I like 'em. Don't you?

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