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The Dorkfest Continues 
Today, I started my day off laughing....

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Ryan and the documentary 
I was approached recently about taking part in a documentary about heavy rubber. Last week, I met with the filmmakers and they seemed really nice and earnest so I agreed to participate. I suggested a few people whom I thought they'd be interested in and we've started setting up the shoots.

My initial suggestion was Ryan Keely. I told the director about my first shoot a few weeks ago with her. While we were shooting, Ryan said that she'd not had previous experience wearing rubber and that she was really excited about it. Once I had her dressed, she couldn't stop touching herself and at one point said, "I NEVER WANT TO WEAR ANYTHING BUT LATEX!!".

The filmmakers wanted to document fetishists who are really serious about rubber, who wear it all the time, who identify as rubberists... I pitched the idea of shooting with Ryan as someone who is just getting into it. I thought it'd be an interesting angle and they agreed.

So, yesterday was the very first day of shooting for the film. We met at my house where they filmed me leaving, getting into my truck, and driving over to Syren. They interviewed me while I was driving which was kind of stressful because it's hard to pay attention to the road while simultaneously trying not to sound like a total douche.

We met up with Ryan at Syren/Stockroom. My contacts at Syren were kind enough to let us shoot there and to pull some clothes for the shoot. We spent a good bit of time looking through the racks, having Ryan try some stuff on, and packing bag after bag with latex goodies.

Ryan got the drive/talk treatment on the way to the shoot location. I beat them there, parked at a meter that cost $3.00 per hour(!!!!), unloaded a truckload of gear and waited for their arrival. The producers had secured this cool loft for the day and I must say that I was happy to be relieved of location scouting duty for once.

After a quick lunch, we sorted through all of the wardrobe options and settled on three outfits. We would have gladly shot more but Ryan had dinner plans and I think the crew would have been too pooped to continue.

We started off shooting Ryan in a voluminous bluish/purple kimono and black leggings. She looked gorgeous as ever and was really getting into the feeling of latex. She was completely engulfed, surrounded by yard after yard of rubber, and I can totally picture the scent of latex as a cloud around her.

While at the store, I suggested that she try on a pair of the men's jodhpurs. Not only do I think that (some) women in (some) men's clothing is absolutely hot, but jodhpurs make me weak in the knees. When paired with a tight latex corset and classic Muir Cap (Leather Daddy Hat), and riding crop, she was transformed into the toughest Domme Bitch you've ever seen. It was awesome to watch her demeanor change to fit the outfit too. We shot stills, then video (during which she fucked herself and squirted(!!)), prompting me to proclaim her the filthiest model I'd ever shot. Thankfully, she took it as intended, as a compliment.

Halfway through the still photo portion of the shoot, the director mentioned that the sun was going down and the skyline over Downtown LA was looking its best, so we followed poor Ryan (in my 6.5" heel boots) up the stairs and onto the roof. I'm glad for the prompting because when I am shooting, I get caught up in the process and suffer a bit of tunnel vision. As the photos will show, it's a good thing we made the trek. =)

The third and final setup was full rubber encasement. Layer upon layer of shiny latex starting with a catsuit and waist cincher from Syren, then some stockings, gloves, garter belt, and hood from my personal collection. You should have seen her... It was like a lightbulb went off in her head. While she was dressing, I told her how some serious rubber pervs get off on wearing multiple layers of latex and she seemed curious about it. After having the outfit on for a while, she was good and sweaty in there and went on and on about how amazing it felt. I knew that she had to leave for her dinner so I tried to move the shoot along to the part where she'd unzip the crotch and get all vagtastic, but she kept delaying it because she was enjoying the latex too much.

It's pretty amazing to be a witness to epiphanies.

I am so happy with what we shot that I had a hard time choosing just one shot from each set to post here, so you all get big fat bonuses. =)

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Now what? 
Darenzia's flown the coop and I'm catching up on work. Been feeling a bit under the weather so that's slowed me down. That and the huge workload I'm dealing with. I have so much to do I don't know where to start. It's all about prioritizing.

Ancilla is coming in on the 27th and will be staying with me for a week. I haven't seen her in a couple years and it'll be nice to catch up. It'll be nice to shoot too! We've only worked together once before and, if you can believe it, we didn't even shoot any latex! Gotta make up for that for sure...

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I'm gonna learn how to fly... HIGH!! 
I am in the business of making dreams come true.

It's Darenzia's last night in town and as a special treat, I offered to film her homage to her favorite scene in the 1980 film, Fame. It's the one where Coco goes to some skeevy photographer's walkup in Brooklyn for an "audition". He offers her beer then makes her take off her blouse and stick her thumb in her mouth "like a schoolgirl". All the while he's videotaping her and she's crying. It's hysterical.

Here's a quickie screen grab but the video will come later. We got all fancy with two cameras and everything. LOL

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How I spent my summer vacation 
I'm back at my desk. We had to come back a day early because my friends had some work shit to deal with. As I sit here typing, I still feel like I'm on a boat...

Here's a bunch of stuff I shot with my phone. Enjoy!

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High Desert 
Ok, so though I'm supposed to be finishing up some work before I leave, I've successfully put that off for another hour or two. LOL

Just wanted to share these with you... As I noted in the previous post, we shot these in the high desert two hours outside LA. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and a very cool breeze. As the day progressed, though, it began to get pretty chilly. The news was on while we were eating dinner afterward (around 10pm) and the weather map showed 29 degrees in Lancaster. It's amazing how quickly breezy becomes below freezing!!

To her testament, Darenzia's a fucking trooper and as she stood in the frigid chill while the sun was setting, she didn't utter a single peep of complaint. That's why she's such an awesome model to work with. Well, to be fair, it's only one of the reasons... Just check out how utterly spectacular she looks in that catsuit!! Meoooow!

(And, PS.. Yes, models, complaining sucks. We know you're uncomfortable, we know it's cold or hot, we know your heels are high, we know you think you're fat... But, seriously, no one wants to hear it. We're all here to do a job and the professional thing to do is to suck it up and do the best work you can. Do you really want me to go on and on ad-nauseum about how my neck is cramping because I'm laying on the ground holding a heavy camera trying to make your ungrateful ass look good? I think not. In the grand scheme of things, the model who is pleasant, doesn't complain, and puts in the effort is the one who photographers will rave about and recommend for jobs. Know what else? The time you put into complaining just prolongs your discomfort! Neat, huh?!?!)

Darenzia's makeup and hair by Alex LaMarsh. Darenzia and Angela's latex by Syren (except Angela's catsuit and hood), corsets by Stormy Leather. Much thanks goes to Vance for securing the location, and to DJ for letting us shoot there!!

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Here are the sample pics from yesterday's shoot at the Hostel in Downtown LA.

The first photo (of Angela Ryan) was shot exclusively for Fetish By Anna. =)

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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We just got home from today's shoot and a quick late-night dinner. Vance hooked us up with an amazing location out in the high desert. Driving out there took nearly two hours with us eating breakfast burritos and listening to Depeche Mode.

Once there, Darenzia and I started shooting immediately while Angela Ryan got herself ready. We shot almost everything outside, taking advantage of wide open spaces. I rarely have that luxury so it was a serious treat.

I'm downloading the photos now and hope to have time to edit samples from yesterday and today before I leave on vacation tomorrow. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about the prospect of not having to lug around bags and equipment that weigh more than most of my models.

In the meantime, having just pulled D's fake eyelashes off her lids, I'm trying to motivate my way into the shower. We're both covered with a fine layer of dirt from head to toe.

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Desert Bound 
Darenzia and Alex LaMarsh are in the kitchen right now, running late. As soon as they're done, D and I bundle ourselves into my truck, head over to Emily Marilyn's to pick up Angela Ryan, and drive 2 hours north into the desert.

Another day of shooting is ahead of us and I'm excited. I'm looking forward to wide open spaces... We'll see how it turns out. I've never been to this location.

Yesterday, the three of us shot for hours and hours in this teensy little hotel room. The hotel is actually a hostel and I was lucky enough to snag the last room with a private bath. Shared bathrooms in those places give me the creeps.

Before we set off, I wanted to post one of the shots from yesterday. We did a bunch of foot fetish stuff and I think they're pretty hot. Oh... And in the turning over a new leaf department... I shot Angela peeing! Woooo!

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Obscenity Vagina 
If you asked me why, I'd have no answer, but this graffiti is spray painted on the roof of the building where I shot yesterday. I think it's awesome! LOL

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