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January and Soma 
Had a super shoot today with January Seraph and Goddess Soma. I haven't shot in this particular dungeon space in years. That dungeon and I have seen some things... Let me tell you. LOL

This afternoon, we did two hot BDSM scenes with Soma topping January. In the first, the ladies wore latex and Soma demonstrated some beautiful canes that January had supplied. In the second scene, I brought in an amazing nylon encasement tube and Soma had January get into it, then strung her up on the winch before spanking and caning her. I set down the still camera and grabbed the video to capture January being tortured by a violet wand before being allowed to masturbate for her mistress.

It made for some really wild video and I can't wait to edit it and post it on my site!!

Tomorrow, I am planning to hitch along on Ancilla's shoot with Lithium Picnic and shoot video. And I'll finally meet Michael Hussar. It's been a long time coming.

But for now... The bed beckons. Night!

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I picked up Ancilla Tilia at the airport yesterday and we high-tailed it over to Michael Helms' house. It was a true win-win-win situation. Michael was supposed to work with her last time she was in town, but she was really sick and had to cancel. I hadn't worked with her for several years, so I got another chance, and Ancilla will end up with awesome photos for her website.

The first time we worked together, we didn't even shoot any latex, so I'm really excited about making up for that this time around. We shot one latex set yesterday and we will be doing another day or two before she leaves. I'm really excited!

She's in the shower right now and I'm getting my stuff together for my shoot today with January Seraph and Soma. I love shooting BDSM and I know we've got lots of dungeon action in store today, so I can't wait. Even though I'm exhausted because my dogs conspired to keep me up all night, what lays ahead is keeping me going. =)

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Copyright © Christine Kessler 2008, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Golden Girl 
I don't know how I didn't see this before. My adorable Apnea in zentai. Yay!

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Face Dance 
Kudos to Evan (yet AGAIN!) for sending me a link to this video. It's fucking brilliant. It makes art out of e-stim. Or something like that. Though I wouldn't ordinarily apply the stimulation to my face... I applaud our internet friend here for taking one for the team.

And, you heard it here first. I foresee a music video swiping this idea. It's only a matter of time.

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I sooo have to go see this!!

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Warning - Pretentious "Phone Cam Art" Ahead! 
Yeah... I'm a professional photographer. Sometimes an artist. Does that mean that every snapshot I take with my phone's camera is art? I seriously doubt it. Having said that, I have been enjoying the camera on my iPhone recently. It's such a joy compared to the wretched one on my Treo, and one of the reasons I switched to the iPhone at all. So, here are some shots from the last few days for your viewing pleasure.

Starting off with a view of Downtown LA on a break during my shoot with Ryan Keely, then a photo driving to Long Beach (sitting in traffic and, yes, I was the passenger), then the reason I went to Long Beach, and finally photos I just took when I stopped by The Eagle to visit Hunter and Charlie. They were setting up for Halloween, obviously. I loved the butchered babydoll theme, but the final photo is the real winner!

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If I didn't laugh, I'd cry 
The funnies keep coming. The frightening possibilities of the future regime seem to be especially inspiring. Every day there's another gut-buster in response to the campaign.

Like this:

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Long Beach or Bust! 
It's become a ritual.
Every October.
David Sedaris.


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The Dorkfest Continues 
Today, I started my day off laughing....

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