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Public Displays of Perversion 
I recently ran across two websites dealing with Zentai in public.

The first, The Zentai Project, is a lighthearted group who arrange public outings in full-coverage.

The second, Ani's Adventures, is one woman's performance art/psychological study. She's a college student who has chosen to attend school in full zentai as a study in anonymity.

The latter site makes for some interesting reading.

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Update, 31 October, 2007 

Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got him bound to a custom bondage X. He was so turned on by the scene that he was rock hard the moment she strapped him down. Now, all you nasty pervs may get some funny ideas about booking a session with her and expecting Mistress to stroke your cock... Ain't gonna happen. This was a very special case, so just use it to fuel your fantasies. Ms. Betka's not about to touch you, so keep dreaming. In the meantime, stay tuned for part 2, next week, to see what happens when naughty boys have their wildest fantasies come true. =)

In the Clouds with Jewell Marceau - In the Smoking Gallery

Jewell Marceau asked if I'd shoot her smoking, and of course I agreed. She's wearing a gorgeous custom latex outfit from Atsuko Kudo in London, with a big, fancy matching hat. She looks like a rubber version of old-Hollywood, complete with big billows of smoke. Oh... And she gets naked. Even better!

Here, Kitty Kitty with Erin - In the Portrait Gallery

I've been saving these cute photos of Erin just for Halloween. She's in a sexy kitty cat outfit, for a while at least. She gets naked and the first thing to come off is the tail. Then the ears. I think she fancies herself more of a bad-girl than the costume allows for. Well, I, for one, am perfectly happy to let her shed the cutesy image. Naked Erin is better by far!

Stairway to Heaven with Paige Richards - In the Latex Gallery

This week's bonus gallery is taken from a shoot I did for Secret Magazine. The editor contacted me about a story he was doing about Paige Richards and asked me to provide photos to accompany it. Lust Designs was kind enough to provide us with some sexy latex, and Paige took care of the rest.

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My day with the gays 
I had a great shoot today at the Eagle. I photographed one of their customers, Rubber Kitten, and one of the bartenders, Justin, for some ads for the bar. I have always been and will always be completely smitten with latex inflatables by Pretty Pervy. This shoot made me real real happy.

Yeah, and shooting a guy with a body like this isn't too bad either.

I can't tell you how long it's been since I shot someone in front of a white seamless backdrop. When I think about it, it seems so plain and boring, but the reality is that the models really pop. It's so different from what I usually do, that the novelty is pretty exciting for me. Never would have guessed it.

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Update, 24 October, 2007 

Cotton Candy with Apnea - In the Latex Gallery

I received this adorable latex hood for my birthday, custom-made per my specs. I knew that Apnea would love it as much as I did, and I was right. We paired it with an outfit made by our friend Venus Prototype. They go together perfectly. I photographed Apnea in my friend's kitchen, an unlikely place to find a rubber-clad nymph like her. Once you see these photos, you'll forever dream of waking up to just such a sight. =)
More about this shoot here.

Wolfords 1 with Jewell Marceau - In the Legs Gallery

This set and the next one are from my recent shoot with Jewell Marceau. When I got to her house, we picked out clothes for her to wear and, after fondling all her latex, we decided to do a pantyhose set too. She has a tremendous collection of fancy hosiery and package after package of expensive Wolfords. It wasn't easy to narrow it down, but we eventually settled on a scrumptious pair of woven hose in a dark, dusty gray, with pink ribbon woven down the back all the way to her toes. Mmmmm!

Wolfords 2 with Jewell Marceau - In the Restraint Gallery

After stripping out of her clothes, down to just her Wolfords, I had Jewell bound and gagged and drooling. She's known as a bondage model and you'll see exactly why. She's flexible and lithe, expressive and sexy. More from this day here!

Dread with Miss Conduct and Kortni - In the Events Gallery

This week's bonus gallery consists of some snapshots taken at a Dread Zeppelin show. Miss Conduct and Kortni trecked down to the gig with me and proceeded to get completely sloshed. We had too much fun, and the photos are completely silly. Just a couple of drunks out on the town. LOL

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Exquisite Restraint on Eros 
My fancy pal, Simone, corset-maker extraordinaire, has a new feature up on Eros Zine featuring some of my photos of Kortni and Apnea.

Go check that shit out. =)

And when you're done, go buy one of her fancy corsets.

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Get your splooge-covered photos ready to mail... 
So, the cat is finally out of the bag. We weren't supposed to talk about it until the official announcement was made, and that's now. Digital Playground has announced on AVN that they have signed Stoya to an exclusive three year contract. That means I won't be able to shoot her for my site during that time, but hopefully, I'll be shooting for hers. In the meantime, I have three days worth of shoots with Stoya in the bag and will continue to upload them to the members section.

I wish her the absolute best. She's one of my favorite people. =)

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Update, 17 October, 2007 

Pucker with Stoya - In the Legs Gallery

This is easily one of my favorite galleries of Stoya, and it contains one of my favorite photos I've shot. It's the one used for the thumbnail above.

I dressed Stoya in a cute cotton bra and these crazy plaid pantyhose, then let her go to town. Her wonderfully plump ass looks amazing with all those lines criss-crossing all over it, and it looks even better once they're off. That's when you'll see exactly why I called this gallery "Pucker". ;) Read more about this shoot here!

Slate with Pia - In the Latex Gallery

I had some black latex stockings, opera gloves, and a tiny thong in my gear bag and Pia was dying to wear it. Who was I to stand in her way?

She's in a big slate-tiled shower getting drenched by the spray. Big drops of water snake their way down her firm body and provide extra lubrication for her gloved hands to explore. See more from this shoot here!

Masked Marauder 2 with Gwen and Sinnamon Love - In the Restraint Gallery

Mark from Serious Bondage brought this awesome metal bondage chair down for us to play with. We shot this at Sinnamon's house with she and Gwen in rubber. Talk about "serious" bondage... After the scene was over, the vibrator turned off, everyone sighing in post-scene bliss, Gwen tried to unlock the restraints and let Sin out, but the key broke off in the lock! Some fancy footwork and trips to the car for tools were required before Sinnamon could be released. I was dreading the call to the fire station and the explanation we'd have to give as we begged them to cut her free. LOL More about this day here!

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Last Tuesday, Kortni, Stoya and I went out to see Raja's show at Rage in West Hollywood. It was Raja's last show after 5 or 6 years with the troupe and we wouldn't have missed it. I shot some extremely dark video of the girls during intermission. It's so dark, in fact, that it's almost not worth watching. LOL

I think that Kortni thought I was trying to snap a photo, hence her silly unchanging grin. It's got no sound because I've spared you the pain of the loud, thumping house music. =)

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I was just going through some of the media on my phone and found these photos. They were taken during my shoot with Nicolla last month. The first shot is the view from her hotel room, way up high on Sunset Blvd., the downtown skyscrapers clearly visible in the distance. The others are phone snaps of Nic and Raja hamming it up when they first tried on the leopard zentai suits.

We just thought it was hysterical for them to be smoking and drinking coffee in those outfits. It's actually what inspired us to shoot a "domestic" scene for the real photos.

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Oh God 
It never ends, does it? The church looks down on all of us perverts, condemns us to hell, influences the government in its moral cause, ad nauseum. And, just like we've always known, they're just a bunch of hypocrites.

Add another one to the list.

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