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My part for regime change 
Down with the current regime! Down with religious zealots!

I did my part! Go out and make a difference!

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Saw this on Apnea's blog... 

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I just got home from a fabulous dinner. One of the best I've ever had. The food was spectacular, the surroundings were fab, my man was with me. What could be better?

Well... This.

And I'm not making this up.

We walked in and I gave my name to the cute blonde hostess so she could confirm our reservation. She informed me that they had to prepare our table and suggested we wait in the bar, which we did. About ten minutes later, she arrived to lead us to our table and on the way, she turned to me and said, "Are you THE Christine Kessler, the photographer?" I said that, yes, I was. She replied, "I love your work."

I was floored.

If I was a) smart, b) not shy, c) one of those photographers, I would have asked her to model for me. She was hot... Maybe next time. =)

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Hollywood Hills 
Before I forget...

I took a couple photos with my phone on the day of my shoot in the Hollywood Hills. The first one is the snapshot I took when we first arrived. I was so awe-struck by the view, I wanted to share it with Bob. (If the damn iPhone had MMS, it would have been a better experience, but I emailed the shot anyways.)

The second one was taken after the shoot as we were driving back down the hill. We noticed a bulldog on the roof of a house and skidded to a stop. Ancilla and I ran up to the door and rang the bell only to be told by the owners that this was totally normal. Looking up again, the bulldog was joined by a French bulldog and by the time I got my phone out, he was the only one left to guard the shingles.

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Mz Berlin hooked us up with a real doozy of a house for today's shoot. I can't thank her enough!!

After driving over to the Pleasure Chest to meet up with her and buy a half-gallon of much needed lube, Ancilla, Suzan (my assistant today - hope to be mentioning her name again often!!) and I followed our favorite redhead up into the hills.

The house on the hillside looked right across the Hollywood Hills to yesterday's location and a spectacular view of the San Fernando Valley beyond. It was overcast when we arrived and it didn't take long before the rain began, and with it, the lightning and thunder. I guess I've never been that high up during a thunderstorm, but I could have sworn that we were up in the clouds, themselves... The thunder shook the whole house and we could feel it in our bones.

We'd expected to work into the evening, but sometimes shoots don't go exactly as planned. Our was cut short, but that means I get to look forward to shooting at that location again someday, and it'll be a fun day of solos with Mz Berlin.

We did manage to shoot a few videos and several photo sets. Best of all was the gorgeous printed latex dress by House of Bias. Special thanks to Von Livid for making sure it got to us! (Please send more of your beautiful designs soon!!!) No less fabulous was the opportunity to photograph Mz Berlin in her 18" corset. Yeah... She's a rock star.

After the shoot, my friend, Quinn, picked me and Ancilla up and we ate a divine dinner at a new Ethiopian restaurant. I'm full and sated and can't wait to relax in bed for the remainder of the evening. Sexy models, delicious food, and chilly weather make me a very happy lady indeed!!

Oh, and after uploading today's photos, I realized that it's nearly one year to the day since my first shoot with Berlin. Hope the next one happens sooner than that!!

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More Ancilla 
I've been shooting WAY more often than I usually do. It's hard to turn down shoots when asked by Ryan Keely, Darenzia, Ancilla, etc. The only problem is that with so many days spent on location, I haven't had time to do my other work. For example, something that should have been done at least a week ago (deadline was last night) wasn't. So, after getting up at 7am, doing a little bit of work, then 9am call time, then shooting all day, then coming home and finishing Halloween decorations, then cooking dinner, then eating and doing dishes... I ended up at my computer working while Bob entertained our guests. And, I'm back at it again today.... Though it's been great having Ancilla here and working with her so many times on this trip, I'm really ready to have my house back and try to get caught up on work...

Also, we had clothes coming from Black Lickorish and House of Bias. Both packages didn't show up in time. The overnight package from HoB ended up in Arizona for some reason, but Von Livid managed to track it down and I ran to the post office this morning to pick it up. Hopefully we'll be able to shoot some of it today. We'll be on our way to meet Berlin in a few and shoot all day in some fabulous house in the hills.

Speaking of... Yesterday's shoot with Ancilla was amazing. The best work we've done to date, I believe. We were at another house in the Hollywood Hills with the most spectacular view of Los Angeles I've ever seen.

If my blog had one of those "CURRENT MOOD" displays, mine would read "OVERWHELMED".

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Behind the Scenes 
This video is kinda cracking me up...

So, there's this guy. He's online a lot. He has this hobby... He collects photos of fetish models. He's got hard drive after hard drive dedicated to his collections. When not in use, they're stacked up on shelves among his action figures (MINT! NIB!) And when he's got nothing better to do, he makes slideshows and posts them on YouTube.

On the other hand, maybe he's just a nice guy who gets turned on by all of my sexy friends. Perhaps he's married to some shrew with a gaggle of brats running all over the house, his little cubby of a home office his only escape... I just hope that he's joining their membership sites (and mine!) to help support the cause. Because you know what happens when people don't join? Websites go under and we all have to get real jobs.


I've posted his videos on here before, but the reason this one is making me laugh is because of all of the photos of Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher, and to top it off, there's a picture I took of Apnea with my dog, Belly. He must spend a lot of time trawling the web...

This clip also features Darenzia, Scar, Pia, Venus Prototype, Perish, Kumi, and so many more...

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Apnea's Blog 
I set up a new blog for my home skillet, Apnea. She's populated it with all of her journal entries from the last 3 years (which was a lot of work... I had to do the same thing with this blog.)

So, go, visit, bookmark, comment. =)

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Here's more video from Apnea. I bet there's a story behind this scene...

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