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D's got Tush too 
D's got fans too, you know. ;)

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My Favorite Model 
Earlier this year, I was asked to contribute to a new book project called "My Favorite Model". It's the brainchild of my publisher at Goliath Books. Basically, as the name suggests, he asked certain photographers to submit images of the woman they most enjoy working with.

"With "favorite" we do not necessarily mean your partner or a person you are personally close to, but a model you like working with as a photographer most. This is an anthology about professional relationships."

I had a really difficult time choosing. Honestly, this was kind of unfair. Fucked up, really. My list of favorites includes Darenzia, Apnea, Emily Marilyn, Stoya... And I'm supposed to narrow it down to one? In the end, I chose Lorraine. We've been working together for years and each time is inspirational. I love her, her look, and her ability to transform herself. Plus she's REALLY dirty. And her photo is on the cover of my book. I even made sure that all of my other girls had other photographers submitting them as favorites, just to be safe. Sadly, not all of them made it in. So, just for the record, let it be known that I love Darenzia. I love Emily. I love Apnea. I love Stoya. I love and am inspired by more models than I could submit, and that's why I have to have my own books published. =)

I got a big box in the mail the other day containing my copies of "My Favorite Model", and it's a doozy! A nice, big tome at 320 pages and 11"x7". Beautifully printed photos by myself, Octavio Arizala, Fred Berger, Derek Caballero, Bob Coulter, Emma Delves-Broughton, Katja Ehrhardt, Peter Gorman, Aaron Hawks, James and James, Dave Naz, Craig Morey, and more! Some of the models include Dragonlily, Julie Strain, Ivy Red, and Ulorin Vex (who was chosen by two separate photographers!!).

The back of the book reads, "It's all about the models. Without these extraordinary women, erotic photography would not exist. 43 outstanding photographers from all over the world share their favorite model with us. 44 stunning beauties are put in the limelight and are paid homage to by the best in contemporary erotic photography. Let them take your breath away! Adore! Enjoy!"

That about sums it up. =)

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File under: I have no time to spare... 

Because I don't have enough things to do... I bring you alternate viewing options. Looks kinda cool, huh?

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New URL - MyFetishDiaryBlog.com 
Hey everyone... I decided that my blog needs a home of its own, so I have moved it to this fancy new domain. Thanks for following me over. Be sure to update your feed info and your bookmarks. Sorry for the hassle. =)

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Three in Rubber 
And, while we're at it, I ran across this video of Rubber Doll, Jean Bardot, and Steffy. Looks like they had a great, slippery time!

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So, it seems that one of Emily's fans has made a slideshow of her photos and posted it on YouTube. Too bad they didn't include her URL or photographer credits, huh? LOL

That polka-dot bikini shot and a bunch of the photos in the video are mine. Glad to know that people enjoy them enough to make videos.

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Check, check, and check... 
Yesterday was kind of perfect. I was invited back to shoot again with January Seraph, Jade Indica, and Patrick Andraste. I spent the day with them, with Nathan shooting video and me shooting stills. You could pretty much go down my list, the list of what I like to shoot, and tick off each item. We covered it all yesterday.

Two hot girls. CHECK
Shiny latex. CHECK
Corsets. CHECK
Bondage. CHECK
Stockings and heels. CHECK, CHECK
Foot worship, S/M, E-stim, strapons... CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

Throw in some hardcore CBT and the pleasure of meeting Satine Phoenix (we're gonna shoot together soon!), and color me satisfied.

After the shoot, I had to go to a very vanilla Christmas party. Talk about culture shock! Here I was straight from a thoroughly nasty (in a good way) day of shooting all of the dirty things I'm into, surrounded by soccer moms, crock pots and a couple of cops. Is it strange that I'm more comfortable with the former than the latter? LOL

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Dear rich perverts and patrons of the arts,

I have fallen in love. My breath has been taken away. I am in complete and utter awe. I am coveting fiercely.


I am absolutely smitten with the beautiful whips at Whipcraft.

Take note.

The Dominator - Medical.
The Stiletto Corset.

I must have both.
Life is incomplete without them.
I'm batting my eyelashes as I type this.

Buy them for me, have them shipped to my house, please this pervert beyond belief.

Have a nice day.


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Letter to an Organ 
Leave it to Evan. He's done it again. He sent me a link to a posting on Craig's List. It's something else. Entitled "Dear Conceited Penis", it's an eminently entertaining read. I'd be interested to read the replies. LOL Enjoy!


To my amazement, not only have you learned to take pictures of yourself, but you have figured out how to upload them on the computer AND post said pictures in the personal section of Craigslist! Now, having never met a miraculous penis such as yourself, who can do things without knowledge or consent of anyone, I thought I'd tell you how this works.

1. Believe it or not, you have an owner. Your owner and I are in a committed relationship where:
a. he is allowed to play with you,
b. I'm allowed to play with you, OR
c. WE together are allowed to play with you.
If for some reason you find someone else's mouth, fingers, vagina, or asshole in, on, or around you..SCREAM. Play dead, blow your emergency whistle, do something and then at the earliest convenience, tell me.

2. A conceited penis is the first place STD's run to. I'm not sure you've used the computer for anything other than begging for an STD but maybe the next time you sign on you should Wikipedia that shit. I, not having a miraculous vagina who thinks for itself, need to speak up and tell you, thats not something we, as in my vagina and myself, want.

3. With your outstanding knowledge of the human world, you should probably do right by your owner and fess up to clear his name. I will not be playing with you or him until someone comes clean and explains to me what exactly happened. I saw the response in his e-mail, did the research, put 2 and 2 together and found out that one of you posted the ad for Adult Fun with a man, woman, or both. He denies that he had anything to do with it but YOU are in the picture along with MY comforter. One of you is lying. If one of you would just be honest then I wouldn't have to put his belongings, or yours, out in the front yard. For the time being, I'm giving both of you the BOTD. Time is wasting...

4. If you decide that you can use your extraordinary abilities for something other than wreaking havoc on my life and would like to confess by either responding to this or maybe writing me a letter of confession then I would gladly give your owner a 2nd chance. He stands his ground on his innocence and as much as I'd like to believe him, I'd need to know who did it and why first. You could put the letter on my pillow and you wouldn't even have to sign your name, I'd just know.

5. I understand you penises go through an "active" phase, but you are suppose to eventually grow out of that. Considering the number of people you've been with and the amount of times you've done it, most would assume you'd be tired. You're not the 20 year old you used to be, your balls agree, just ask your knees.

Now that we have the basics covered, I'll give you a fair amount of time to do what's right. Until then, I will not amuse you in any way, I will not please you either. I will sit here and wait..probably wondering how you got a picture from that angle all by yourself. And you'll know when your time is up.


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At the Ranch 
I spent the last couple of days shooting my good friend, Gwen, at an estate in the hills. She arranged for several of her kinky friends to join us for a raucous good time.

Friday night, Gwen and I hung out for a few hours going through all kinds of naughty goodies, planning out the scenes to follow. I had brought along some latex, shoes, violet wands, the P.E.S. (and my new Samurai attachment), a parachute and other CBT toys. She pulled out bin after bin of heavy restraints, new rubber hoods, locks, paddles, dildoes... We were really excited about all of the possibilities that the toys presented, conjuring up endless scenarios in which they could be used. Really, we had way too many ideas for even a couple days of shooting, but the brainstorming was hot, nonetheless, and will certainly continue to inspire us well into the future.

Due to rain and weekend traffic, Patrick and Jade arrived a couple hours later than planned, but once they were there, we wasted no time and got right to the business at hand. In no time at all, Patrick was bound in a heavy-rubber straitjacket, made to crawl the length of a long hallway, then positioned before an iron railing. Gwen, clad head-to-toe in latex, fastened severe metal restraints around his ankles, then chained them through the bars of the railing to keep him in place. She put him through his paces for a bit then presented him with one of the most devilish CBT devices out there, the humbler. It's a wooden vice made of two pieces, the slaves balls are pulled through and the wood is clamped down tightly and screwed in place. Gwen chose to do all this behind the rails so that Patrick's balls were pulled back taut. He remained on his knees, face planted into the carpet, unable to lift himself without further straining his nuts.

Gwen then brought Jade around and bound her directly across from him. She chained and gagged her, teasing her breasts and pussy through the transparent green latex Jade wore. You should have heard Jade moaning, pleading with her eyes for more while Gwen beat her thighs with a rubber paddle and tightened some mean clamps onto her nipples.

As Jade got more and more worked up, Gwen released Patrick from the humbler, shoving his face into Jade's crotch. She instructed him to eat her pussy while she continued to torture her sensitive nipples. Just as Jade was nearing climax, Gwen pulled Patrick away and dressed him in a rubber dildo harness that strapped onto his face. Gwen guided the cock into Jade's pussy leaving Patrick to fuck her with his face until she came.

How's that for a hot Friday night? It's only the beginning, though. With Jade satiated for the time being, Gwen moved Patrick into an adjacent room, handcuffing his hands and strapping his balls into the heavy locking ball mount she had affixed to her wall. She teased and tortured him then went to work priming his ass for a serious pumping. When she felt he was good and ready, Gwen moved him to his knees and locked him into a fucking bench. She proceeded to fuck him with an enormous dildo while he fucked Jade with the strap on attached to his face.

Whew!!! There's more... There's more... Luckily it was all caught on video!

Saturday, I was back bright and early to shoot with Gwen and January Seraph. The day was mostly about video, so we only got two scenes done, but they were both pretty fucking hot.

The day began with Gwen and January on the patio overlooking the valley below. Gwen was dressed in equestrian finery, while January was outfitted in sexy pony gear. Pony was put through her paces before being fucked by her Mistress' strap on. It took some time for January to regain her composure, but eventually she was ready to move on to her second scene. I'll leave this one to your imagination, but it consisted of strenuous interrogation, heavy bondage, and electro-torture. Delicious!

It took me all weekend to recover, and I wasn't even the one playing. LOL

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