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Violet Wands 
I started out when I was about 20 with violet wands. OMG, they are still one of my very favorite toys. I love the sound, the look, the scent of ozone, and of course, the sensations. Believe it or not, I bought my first kit out of some dude's garage in the early 90s. I'd never heard of violet wands and was really short on money in those days, but his description really captured me and I HAD to have it.

If you've never experienced a violet wand before, let me break it down for you...

Violet wands were originally sold as quack medical devices but they really found their stride in the kink community. Each kit comes with a "wand" which plugs into the wall. This accepts a huge variety of glass bulb attachments from big round bulbs to long narrow tubes, and others. The bulbs are usually filled with ozone which glows purple, but some newer bulbs are filled with gases that glow in different colors. The sensation can be mild or intense, depending on how high you set the output knob as well as the size of the bulb. The bigger bulbs spread out the static sparks over a wide surface area and are great for beginners or as a warm-up, the smaller ones concentrate the sparks into a tiny area and cause much stronger sensations. The feeling can be mildly prickly (if your partner is being nice to you) or it can seem like an incredibly sharp scratch.

There are a bunch of different ways to play with it, too. Directly or indirectly, with other outside metal objects and handheld toys... The options are endless and so much fun to experiment with. A lot of people are scared of electrical play, but the violet wands are pretty safe as they only issue a static charge. You can find lots of info online and I recommend that you educate yourself before using this or any other BDSM toy.**

Violet wand kits come in starter set size as well as ultimate dream kits with every imaginable attachment. The Wartenberg pinwheel is particularly fun for indirect play. You have to insert the handle probe (body contact probe) into the wand instead of a bulb, the other end you either hold in your hand or you can place it in the waistband of your pants (it must be in contact with your skin) so that it makes you the conductor of the charge. You hold the metal pinwheel in your other hand and drag it across your sub's skin. Each little spike of the wheel will let of a tiny spark! I remember once doing this with the power set pretty high on the wand and, the next day, my subby woke up with a dotted line of tiny scabs tracing the route I had taken. Talk about possibilities!!

The photo I used above is of Ariel X. I love her for so many reasons, but this is one of the biggies. She came to my studio to shoot and we did the usual latex and foot fetish photos, but then I mentioned the violet wand and she was intrigued. I brought it out at the very end of the shoot and just let her play around with it and she was HOOKED! I mean, seriously! She loved it so much that we made a date for a little play party the following week and the violet wand was a key player. =) Someone should buy her one, I think she deserves it.

**SPECIAL CONCERNS: Anyone deciding to play with electricity must educate themselves about the risks. Some toys must not be used on the torso as they can damage the heart. Some people with heart trouble should never play with electricity. Read up on the type of play you intend to do, and check with your doctor if you have any questions!!

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