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Update, 14 November, 2007 

See Spot Go! with Darenzia - in the Encasement Gallery

The night before Darenzia was to return to NYC, we had an impromptu photo shoot in my bedroom. My fabulously talented friend, Milkboy, had made some sheer leopard print catsuits and was kind enough to loan them to me. D couldn't wait to climb into one of them, so we made it happen before she had to leave. She's so beautiful that I resist shooting her with her face covered, so this set is a bit different than most. In zentai and a tight black leather corset, she transformed into an animal before me. Strategically placed zippers allowed her to reveal her ample breasts and beautiful pussy, and I know she was turned on by the pseudo-anonymity. More about this shoot here!

Pumped with Apnea - in the Latex Gallery

I really adore inflatable latex clothing. Really. A lot. Leave it to Vex Clothing to take this twisted fetish gear and elevate it to haute couture! Apnea is wearing a stunning inflatable riding coat with matching custom hat, mini-skirt, pasties, gauntlets and spats. A few of us walked to a gas station a couple blocks away to use their tire-filling air machine to pump up the bustle of the coat. It was late at night in an unsavory downtown neighborhood, just us and the gangbangers.

We were shooting at Venus' place and found a spot in the parking garage with a peeling wallpaper mural of a nature scene. It is such an odd thing to see in a garage. Trees and a lake, and concrete and pipes. I couldn't resist having her pose before it. We made quick work of it since we had to keep hidden from the tenants and the security guards. And I heard that the mural was taken down a few days later. So glad we got to shoot there when we did.

Lover with Ruby Luster and Emily Marilyn - in the Legs Gallery

Emily, Ruby and I met up with Yasmin in Portland this summer and we caravaned out to the woods, about an hour away. That afternoon, we marveled at our lush surroundings, the beauty of the forest outside, and the stunning home we'd be staying in. Ruby and Emily decided to share the opulent master suite, sleeping together in the king-sized bed. The next day, we began to "work", though you can hardly call watching two beauties taking off their clothes "work". LOL

This was the first set we shot on that trip. Emily and Ruby were each wearing expensive lingerie and even more expensive shoes. I had them in the master bedroom lit only by the soft light streaming through the windows. Both girls love stockings and feet and lavished attention on the other girl, paying special attention to hosiery, heels, and toes. It was incredible watching them fondling each other, getting turned on, playing with themselves. I was sorry to see this set end, but excited about shooting them for another couple days.

Thanks to Twisted Cedar Estate for letting us take over for the week! More about this shoot here!

Distortion with Stoya - in the Portrait Gallery

Stoya's roommate had found a giant sheet of textured plexiglass and the moment I saw it, I knew I'd have to incorporate it into our shoot. This was the last thing we shot that day, after she'd removed her clothes in another set. The plexi distorted her image in strange, unexpected ways. I've added this as a little bonus gallery this week. Consider it an artful indulgence. =) More about this shoot here!

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