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I received a new book in the mail a couple weeks ago, Fetish (The Best of International Contemporary Fetish Photography) published by Feierabend Unique Books. I contributed several images to this big 12"x8" hardcover volume last year. I am really happy that I finally received my copy from the publisher. It's a big, heavy, 320 page coffee table book with some familiar names (Perry Gallagher, Michael Helms, Katja Ehrhardt, Dave Naz, Robert Chouraqui) and many new ones. My spread is made up of photos of Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Angela Ryan, Apnea, and Masuimi.

Which reminds me that I've forgotten to post about the other recent(ish) arrivals. LOL

Secret has published their fifth Fetish Photo Anthology. This is the fourth Secret book in which my work has been featured. Number 5 is a lovely hardcover volume of 368 pages, 12"x8". As usually happens, the work of many of my friends and acquaintances is printed alongside mine; Steven Andres, Jody Cortes, Distorted Retina, Perry Gallagher, Jim Groves, Michael Helms, Kevin Hundsnurscher, Christophe Mourthe, Dave Naz, Collin Rae, and so many more. All of the photos in the Secret Anthology are black and whites; mine are of Paige Richards, Melodie Gore, Kumi, Claire Adams, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Raja, Anastasia Pierce, Betka Schpitz, and Miss Conduct.

The final book I'd like to mention is one that I'm particularly proud of, Taschen's The New Erotic Photography. Taschen is such a well-respected publisher, and their books are so widely distributed and wildly popular that it's truly an honor to be included. The New Erotic Photography is an enormous hardcover tome edited by Dian Hanson and Eric Kroll. Weighing nearly 7 pounds and made up of a whopping 607 pages (!), it boasts work by some serious names in photography today. My friends and I show up again too, but we're flanked by serious heavyweights. The New Erotic Photography showcases work by Derek Caballero, Bob Carlos Clarke, Robert Chouraqui, Bob Coulter, Ed Fox, Perry Gallgher, Steve Goedde, Peter Gorman, Aaron Hawks, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Chas Ray Krider, Eric Kroll, Dave Naz, Beatrice Neumann, Collin Rae, Terry Richardson, Julie Strain, Ben Westwood, and so so many more. My feature is made up of an interview and photos of Apnea, Betka Schpitz, Jami Deadly, Kumi, and Claire Adams.

With the holidays upon us, you've got a nice little library to choose from, and your friends would be thrilled to receive any of these books as gifts. Erotic photography is always welcome!

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