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Dear Models 
Dear Models,

Let's say you contact me about shooting. Let's say that I agree to fit you into my schedule (let me assure you that I turn down plenty of shoots, too, just so you know...). Let's say that I stop what I'm doing, get up, load my truck up with wardrobe, lighting gear, video and still cameras. Let's say I drive over to the location. Let's say that I set up all of my gear. Let's say we shoot six different looks during which time you're working your little model self so very hard (aren't you a trooper). Let's say that we finish up and you go on your merry way doing whatever modelly stuff you do for the next couple of weeks. Let's say that in that time, I have gone through all of the images, thrown out the ones that were completely unusable due to lighting mis-fires, your half-blinked eyes, bad facial expressions, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. Let's say I'm left with 100 images per look. Let's say I then sit down and color correct them (if necessary). Let's say I go through every photo and remove that pimple that was on your ass, the dark circles under your eyes, the bruise on your upper arm. Let's pray that that's all there was to touch up. Let's say that I then add my logo to all of the photos and upload a zip file of approximately 85 images per set x 6 sets for the day = 510 photos while you were doing nothing but waiting. Let's say that you add those photos to your website. Let's say that at some point I run across these photos on your site. Let's say that after all of my hard work, you have replaced my logo with your own.

Not cool.

Makes me not want to work with you again.

Shows a complete disregard for my effort, my name, my willingness to not charge you for the shoot.

It's rude and disrespectful, to say the least.

Dear Models, you should definitely add your URL to your photos. There's a nice white space at the top of each and every image where you could do it. Don't fuck me over by removing my URL. And, for fuck's sake, don't ever put on there"©Model's Name". You do not own the copyright to these images. I do. Period.

One of the reasons photographers will shoot you for trade is to gain exposure. If someone sees my photos on your website, if someone steals these photos from your website and reposts them on some other site, it's imperative that my logo be on there so that people who enjoy the photos can find me and hopefully join my website. This is business, and my URL on my photos is a form of marketing. I worked hard to make pretty pictures for you and the least you can do is respect that.

K, thanks.

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