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House of Vader 

My genius friend, Milkboy, has a blog I didn't know about for some reason. He cracks my shit up.

Warning for those of you that are afraid of gay sex... Don't click the link.

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Oh, glorious 80s 
Just got in from seeing Yaz tonight at the Orpheum Theater.

It was spectacular. Allison Moyet has always had the most beautiful voice, and it was in full effect tonight. I never thought I'd be so lucky...

Here's a video from earlier this week. It's shitty quality but you'll get the idea.

Vince Clark's a genius, needless to say. That little man has made some damn good disco over the years. Now, if they could just swing a Yaz / Erasure / Depeche Mode show, it'd be my Vince Clark 80s 3-way fantasy come true!

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Itty bitty Rollei 
I soooo want one. To go with my grown-up size film version. The new Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF5.0.

Not the best digital camera, I'm sure. Only 5MP and it shoots on a mini SD card (bleh). But, jeebus it's adorable! And the photos are SQAURE. And you hold it waist level just like the real thing.

I think I love it!


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Moustache Night 
A couple weeks ago, Jean Bardot swooped through town so we all met over at Anastasia's house to celebrate. Though I had to suffer through Madonna (again!) we had a whole lotta fun. It culminated in Mustache Night. We all had mustaches drawn on our fingers, with the excpetion of Ana and Liam who apparently like sharpies to mark their faces.

I love Ana and this photo is a good example why!

In this shot, we're sending mustache love to Frenchy. We = Liam, Me, Jean, Mina, and Bob.
Clearly, Liam is scary and Bob is scared. LOL

At various other points in the evening, we watched the best/worst movie ever, and Sonny Black had brought over one of his ball cages. At one moment, I was talking with Darenzia, and next thing I knew, Mina was inside the cage being pummeled by a fucking machine.

Life is good, dear reader...


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I've been so busy lately, but not shooting much. I've been spending 14 hour days sitting in front of the computer working on websites, design, video and photo editing. It was a nice change of pace to get out of my usual schedule and into a photo shot. Yesterday, I picked Mosh up at her hotel and to our location for the shoot. She had so much awesome latex it was hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to 7 of her outfits, plus a couple that I had brought along. For some reason, though, the day just flew by and we had to cut way back. Oh, let me just mention right here that I love her dedication to extremely high heeled shoes.

I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future....

And, this one is an exclusive for Fetish By Anna.

The transparent latex outfit with the hood was generously provided by Latex Nemesis. Thanks, Nemy!

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30 days 
The other night, I spent a rare few hours on the couch catching up with Tivo. I got so angry watching 30 days that I went to bed fuming.

In that episode of the very interesting documentary series, they had this Mormon cunt from Orange County (she was adopted as a child and had two adopted children of her own) go to live with a same-sex couple in Michigan. These two wonderful guys had adopted four boys as well (one of them a "special needs" child).

The purpose of the episode was to challenge the cunt's view of same-sex couple adoption. She believes that it's morally wrong for gays or lesbians to adopt children. Despite experiencing the loving, nurturing environment the two men had created, meeting their friends and family, attending support groups and seeing other children loved by gay parents, she was not having it. She kept spewing her hateful rhetoric, constantly contradicting herself and just reinforcing the fact that religious fuckheads will be the downfall of this world.

I mean, they even had her meet with two adults from the area who had been foster children. They told her about how horrible it was to live in group homes, the devastation of being shuttled from one uncaring family to another. They expressed their misery as children and explained to her that they would have loved to have been adopted and it wouldn't have mattered if the adoptive parents were gay, straight, black, white, or anything else. And yet, this douchebag bitch basically said that all those foster children should go fuck themselves. That the only people who should be parents are married men and women.

I bet if she took her head out of her ass for a second and took a little peek down the street from her house, she'd find that a large proportion of the families were divorced. And if she looked further, she'd find terrible abuses and neglect perpetrated by those same straight mothers and fathers.

It drives me bananas. In the end, she was driven to tears and though she claims it's because she was being attacked for her morals, it was really because she's spent her life as a non-thinking sheep, following what she'd been told without ever questioning it. Being surrounded by proof that her teachings are utterly incorrect, she was frustrated to the point of meltdown. God forbid (literally) that she should have to face the real truth that her Christian ideologies are a bunch of bullshit.

Throughout the episode, she'd plaster this fake smile on her face and tell the gay fathers that it was "nothing personal". One of the men explained to her that it was "persona"l because she (and her ilk) wanted to legislate against adoption by same-sex couples. Cunt said that she had her morals and they had theirs and that each should do as they morally saw fit. Again, and with great patience, he demonstrated to her that though that would be ideal, she wanted to make it illegal, so that contradicts what she had just stated. And then, at the end of the show, she had the NERVE to be offended when he told her that he could not be her friend! How could anyone be friends with someone who wants to make their generosity and ability to love a child illegal?

Let me make it clear, here, that I am childless by choice. I do not wish to ever have children. I have neither the money, the patience, or the desire to do it. Though children are not for me, I applaud those men and women who so selflessly open their lives to children who are in need. They are the good guys. These religious zealots and their antiquated beliefs are the ones who are bringing this country and this very world to its knees. They should be ashamed.

I'll stop now though I could go on and on. It's been two days since I watched it and I'm still seething...

They'll have the full episode (30 Days, season 3, episode 4) up on Hulu shortly, but for now they have some clips available.

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My other job 
I've been designing websites for years. It had kind of slowed down recently, but I've been a busy bee lately. I have been working with Darenzia to revamp her site and to add some new ones for her, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of the results.

First thing's first. I redesigned the index page of her site:

Then, I made a new tour for her. She's got so many super-hot photos and videos on her site, that it was pretty difficult narrowing it down!:


Then, just yesterday, I completed the design of her new blog. The old one was incorporated into her main site, but it was difficult to find, hard to navigate, hard for her to update, and you couldn't leave comments. The new one is bright, easy, and you can join her feed now.

I also created an affiliate site for D. This one's for webmasters to join so they can promote her website.

And, finally, as part of the affiliate program, I designed her new hosted galleries. You'll be seeing these pop up on TGPs and other blogs around the web.

I've just got little shots of everything here. Be sure to check her sites to see the full-size designs.

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Emily's toofs 
Emily has gotten braces. I know she's wanted them for a long time and I hope this helps with her TMJ pain. Interestingly, she's making a video blog about it. First two installments are up on youtube. Here they are as well:

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It's been a couple years, but I managed to shoot Skin again yesterday. Shelby was kind enough to let us destroy her apartment (Skin and Martin were staying there). It was sweltering, but we had fun!

Tonight I took my sweetie to eat at Providence. OMG... The food was amazing. Seriously.

And, for Fetish By Anna:

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Jade and Darenzia 
I'm exhausted. Two days of solid shooting in the bag and though I'm really pleased with the results, I'm fucking pooped. So, in lieu of me actually writing a decent blog entry, here are the latest and greatest starring Miss Tan for Summer Darenzia and the smokin' hot Jade Indica!

The following two photos are from sets shot exclusively for Fetish by Anna.

And I'd like to give a little shout out to my boys, Octavio and Big Willy for letting us shoot at their pads. Thanks, boys!! Darenzia's makeup and hair on today's shoot by the very talented Jennifer Corona.

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