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Two new books 
I got good mail yesterday. A decent sized box arrived from Cleis Press containing a few copies each of two books, Best Women's Erotica 09, and Best Sex Writing 2009. The covers of both books are images I photographed. Phelanie Angel on Erotica and Stiletto on Writing. The books are paperback, but large format, and the cover printing is beautiful. I'm really proud of these!

Best Sex Writing was edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.
Best Women's Erotica was edited by Violet Blue.

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Best Women's Erotica 09 
I don't think I remembered to post about this before, but better late than never. =)

One of my images of Phelanie Angel was chosen for the cover of Best Women's Erotica 2009, by Violet Blue, published by Cleis Press. I'm always tickled to see my photos as book covers. =)

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My Favorite Model 
Earlier this year, I was asked to contribute to a new book project called "My Favorite Model". It's the brainchild of my publisher at Goliath Books. Basically, as the name suggests, he asked certain photographers to submit images of the woman they most enjoy working with.

"With "favorite" we do not necessarily mean your partner or a person you are personally close to, but a model you like working with as a photographer most. This is an anthology about professional relationships."

I had a really difficult time choosing. Honestly, this was kind of unfair. Fucked up, really. My list of favorites includes Darenzia, Apnea, Emily Marilyn, Stoya... And I'm supposed to narrow it down to one? In the end, I chose Lorraine. We've been working together for years and each time is inspirational. I love her, her look, and her ability to transform herself. Plus she's REALLY dirty. And her photo is on the cover of my book. I even made sure that all of my other girls had other photographers submitting them as favorites, just to be safe. Sadly, not all of them made it in. So, just for the record, let it be known that I love Darenzia. I love Emily. I love Apnea. I love Stoya. I love and am inspired by more models than I could submit, and that's why I have to have my own books published. =)

I got a big box in the mail the other day containing my copies of "My Favorite Model", and it's a doozy! A nice, big tome at 320 pages and 11"x7". Beautifully printed photos by myself, Octavio Arizala, Fred Berger, Derek Caballero, Bob Coulter, Emma Delves-Broughton, Katja Ehrhardt, Peter Gorman, Aaron Hawks, James and James, Dave Naz, Craig Morey, and more! Some of the models include Dragonlily, Julie Strain, Ivy Red, and Ulorin Vex (who was chosen by two separate photographers!!).

The back of the book reads, "It's all about the models. Without these extraordinary women, erotic photography would not exist. 43 outstanding photographers from all over the world share their favorite model with us. 44 stunning beauties are put in the limelight and are paid homage to by the best in contemporary erotic photography. Let them take your breath away! Adore! Enjoy!"

That about sums it up. =)

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Dear rich perverts and patrons of the arts,

I have fallen in love. My breath has been taken away. I am in complete and utter awe. I am coveting fiercely.


I am absolutely smitten with the beautiful whips at Whipcraft.

Take note.

The Dominator - Medical.
The Stiletto Corset.

I must have both.
Life is incomplete without them.
I'm batting my eyelashes as I type this.

Buy them for me, have them shipped to my house, please this pervert beyond belief.

Have a nice day.


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Better than exmas! 

I've got some amazing friends. Gorgeous, kinky, fun, kind, and GENEROUS friends. Betka messaged me recently to say that she'd sent me a kinky care package. I couldn't wait! Well, I received it a couple days ago and was simply blown away by its contents. In addition to the spectacular vintage "Sadist" tumbler pictured above (by famed designer, Geroges Briard), the contents included:

1) A sexy pair of boots.
2) An Eroscillator.
3) A corset.
4) Latex enema/piss pants.
5) A hard, green, nubby paddle.
6) A parachute ball stretcher with weights.
7) A shmancy wired scrotum parachute for e-stim play.
8) Two e-stim breast cups.
9) A violet wand contact probe (though I already have a couple of these, more is always better!)
10) A pair of really cool prickly leather "vampire gloves". Well, they're not actually gloves (I already have a pair of the glove style of this toy), rather, they're two black leather spiked pads with a strap across the top of each to slip your hand through. These will be awesome for use when already wearing gloves!
11) Several bags of new silicone dildoes, a glass dildo, and several vibrators! (There must be at LEAST a dozen toys in there!)
12) The fabulously blasphemous Virgin Mary dildo by Divine Interventions. (Oh, how I love them!!)
13) And, by FAR the best thing in the package, and one of the finest gifts I have ever received, a PES Samurai! (I brought it along to my shoot with Gwen and January, yesterday, and we used the Samurai on January in an interrogation scene. She was scared at first, of e-stim in general and of the enormity of the dildo, but after the scene, she proclaimed that she MUST have one!)

I'm really unable to put into words the depth of my gratitude for B's unbelievable generosity. She rules the school in my book, though she always has. =)

Now, if someone would just buy me a Sybian (hint, hint), I'd be set! For a while at lest. LOL Aren't I an ungrateful bitch? Add to that list, more latex, more latex, more latex, and a winning lotto ticket, and I'd REALLY be set! Ha ha.

Read more about e-stim here!
Read more about violet wands here!

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I don't photograph much in the way of E-Stim (or electrical stimulation / electical play) because, frankly, it's just not that visual. It'd be a photo of a person with some electrodes attached to their skin or wearing a butt plug with wires coming out of it. But in reality, I really love E-Stim play. If you've ever been to a chiropractor and had them use a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) unit on you, or if you were silly enough to purchase one of those electronic ab-working belts several years ago, you'll know what the general idea is - electrical pulses that cause one's muscles to contract.

Like everything else, there are a wide range of products to choose from when delving into electrical play. We perverts repurpose everything, don't we? One of my favorite TENS-type toys is this gorgeous vintage contraption called a Relax-a-cisor. I purchased it at a kinky craft fair and, like my first violet wand, I just HAD to have it! It came in a metal pelican-type case and was decked out like some 50s version of the future with blinky lights and pink bake-a-lite knobs. The pulses are transferred through big baby pink pads that are held onto your body by pink latex belts. It's simply dreamy.

As a side note, when I did a little web search for the Relax-a-cisor, I found this FDA notice banning the sale of second-hand units back in the early 70s. Oops. Well, maybe they repealed it later. LOL

Nowadays, E-Stim units are sold legally through medical channels and higher-end BDSM and sex shops. There are a bunch of reputable manufacturers and if you start to explore electrical play, you'll become familiar with them. They range from beginner units to state-of-the-art computerized equipment. In order from low-fi to high-fi:

Eros Tek

When you're ready to shop, you'll first be choosing a power unit.

Beginner: The basic Rimba is a little battery-operated box, about the size of a cel phone, and has a couple of knobs for controlling pulse frequency and duration. The Folsom box has twice as many channels so you can use more attachments at once.

Intermediate: The P.E.S. is a slightly more advanced box that plugs into the wall and is therefore more powerful, but the real beauty of it is the awesome proprietary attachments that you can buy (more on that later).

Advanced: The mother of all E-Stim units is the Eros Tek. BUY ME ONE! (Sorry, I get a little bit overzealous when I think about it. They have a couple different units you can buy including a portable unit and their unbelievable Digital Power Unit. The advanced electronics of the Eros Tek allow you to download programs and save your favorite settings. I've been told (I don't have the parts so I can't vouch for it myself) that when using the Eros Tek with a sound (inserted in the penis) and the program set to "stroke", it feels like you're being jacked off from inside your cock. Kinda makes me wish I had one just so I could try that out.

Once you have your power unit, then you need to consider attachments (please be careful when choosing as different units have different leads, but adapters are available). You can use simple electrode pads that just stick to your skin (like an EKG), or gloves you can wear to deliver the sensations to your partner. Maybe I'm just a whore for expensive toys, but I think the real fun lies in the more, shall we say..., "advanced" accessories. Take a look at these toys and just imagine - EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY THAT IS IN CONTACT WITH THE TOY WILL BE TWITCHING AND CONVULSING AS THE ELECTRODE CAUSES YOUR MUSCLES TO CONTRACT. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. And for you BDSM enthusiasts, just imagine being tied down with one of these electrodes inserted, or being immobilized in a VacBed while your top controls the sensations you're receiving. Get the idea? How about an electrode that has your prostate or g-spot thumping? Try it! It's spectacular!

Insertables (for men and women):

P.E.S. Samurai!!

Large Chrome Electro-Plug

Electric Anal Plug

Electro Flex-Probe

P.E.S. G-Spot Electrode

Dual Contact Vaginal Dildo

Dual Contact Ridged Anal Dildo


Electric Bondage Board

The Humbler

Electro Bands

Electric Cock Rings

P.E.S. Corona Stimulator

P.E.S. Urethral Deep Throat

Catheter Electrodes

This is really just the tip of the iceberg as far as E-Stim accessories goes. There's just too much fun to be had, too many options to explore to list them all here. Go forth and enjoy the wonderfully wicked world of electrical play!!

**SPECIAL CONCERNS: Anyone deciding to play with electricity must educate themselves about the risks. Some toys must not be used on the torso as they can damage the heart. Some people with heart trouble should never play with electricity. Read up on the type of play you intend to do, and check with your doctor if you have any questions!!

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Violet Wands 
I started out when I was about 20 with violet wands. OMG, they are still one of my very favorite toys. I love the sound, the look, the scent of ozone, and of course, the sensations. Believe it or not, I bought my first kit out of some dude's garage in the early 90s. I'd never heard of violet wands and was really short on money in those days, but his description really captured me and I HAD to have it.

If you've never experienced a violet wand before, let me break it down for you...

Violet wands were originally sold as quack medical devices but they really found their stride in the kink community. Each kit comes with a "wand" which plugs into the wall. This accepts a huge variety of glass bulb attachments from big round bulbs to long narrow tubes, and others. The bulbs are usually filled with ozone which glows purple, but some newer bulbs are filled with gases that glow in different colors. The sensation can be mild or intense, depending on how high you set the output knob as well as the size of the bulb. The bigger bulbs spread out the static sparks over a wide surface area and are great for beginners or as a warm-up, the smaller ones concentrate the sparks into a tiny area and cause much stronger sensations. The feeling can be mildly prickly (if your partner is being nice to you) or it can seem like an incredibly sharp scratch.

There are a bunch of different ways to play with it, too. Directly or indirectly, with other outside metal objects and handheld toys... The options are endless and so much fun to experiment with. A lot of people are scared of electrical play, but the violet wands are pretty safe as they only issue a static charge. You can find lots of info online and I recommend that you educate yourself before using this or any other BDSM toy.**

Violet wand kits come in starter set size as well as ultimate dream kits with every imaginable attachment. The Wartenberg pinwheel is particularly fun for indirect play. You have to insert the handle probe (body contact probe) into the wand instead of a bulb, the other end you either hold in your hand or you can place it in the waistband of your pants (it must be in contact with your skin) so that it makes you the conductor of the charge. You hold the metal pinwheel in your other hand and drag it across your sub's skin. Each little spike of the wheel will let of a tiny spark! I remember once doing this with the power set pretty high on the wand and, the next day, my subby woke up with a dotted line of tiny scabs tracing the route I had taken. Talk about possibilities!!

The photo I used above is of Ariel X. I love her for so many reasons, but this is one of the biggies. She came to my studio to shoot and we did the usual latex and foot fetish photos, but then I mentioned the violet wand and she was intrigued. I brought it out at the very end of the shoot and just let her play around with it and she was HOOKED! I mean, seriously! She loved it so much that we made a date for a little play party the following week and the violet wand was a key player. =) Someone should buy her one, I think she deserves it.

**SPECIAL CONCERNS: Anyone deciding to play with electricity must educate themselves about the risks. Some toys must not be used on the torso as they can damage the heart. Some people with heart trouble should never play with electricity. Read up on the type of play you intend to do, and check with your doctor if you have any questions!!

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