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I received a new book in the mail a couple weeks ago, Fetish (The Best of International Contemporary Fetish Photography) published by Feierabend Unique Books. I contributed several images to this big 12"x8" hardcover volume last year. I am really happy that I finally received my copy from the publisher. It's a big, heavy, 320 page coffee table book with some familiar names (Perry Gallagher, Michael Helms, Katja Ehrhardt, Dave Naz, Robert Chouraqui) and many new ones. My spread is made up of photos of Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Angela Ryan, Apnea, and Masuimi.

Which reminds me that I've forgotten to post about the other recent(ish) arrivals. LOL

Secret has published their fifth Fetish Photo Anthology. This is the fourth Secret book in which my work has been featured. Number 5 is a lovely hardcover volume of 368 pages, 12"x8". As usually happens, the work of many of my friends and acquaintances is printed alongside mine; Steven Andres, Jody Cortes, Distorted Retina, Perry Gallagher, Jim Groves, Michael Helms, Kevin Hundsnurscher, Christophe Mourthe, Dave Naz, Collin Rae, and so many more. All of the photos in the Secret Anthology are black and whites; mine are of Paige Richards, Melodie Gore, Kumi, Claire Adams, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Raja, Anastasia Pierce, Betka Schpitz, and Miss Conduct.

The final book I'd like to mention is one that I'm particularly proud of, Taschen's The New Erotic Photography. Taschen is such a well-respected publisher, and their books are so widely distributed and wildly popular that it's truly an honor to be included. The New Erotic Photography is an enormous hardcover tome edited by Dian Hanson and Eric Kroll. Weighing nearly 7 pounds and made up of a whopping 607 pages (!), it boasts work by some serious names in photography today. My friends and I show up again too, but we're flanked by serious heavyweights. The New Erotic Photography showcases work by Derek Caballero, Bob Carlos Clarke, Robert Chouraqui, Bob Coulter, Ed Fox, Perry Gallgher, Steve Goedde, Peter Gorman, Aaron Hawks, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Chas Ray Krider, Eric Kroll, Dave Naz, Beatrice Neumann, Collin Rae, Terry Richardson, Julie Strain, Ben Westwood, and so so many more. My feature is made up of an interview and photos of Apnea, Betka Schpitz, Jami Deadly, Kumi, and Claire Adams.

With the holidays upon us, you've got a nice little library to choose from, and your friends would be thrilled to receive any of these books as gifts. Erotic photography is always welcome!

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Update, 21 November, 2007 

Green Team with Apnea and Bella - In the Latex Gallery

Shooting Apnea and Bella was such a treat. Two of my favorite people, and they both happen to be smokin' hot! I dressed them in green latex dresses by Venus Prototype and let them go to town. The tight rubber hugged their natural curves while their hands slipped along the lubed surfaces transferring sensations to the sensitive skin beneath. This was a particularly voyeuristic experience for me... As you go through the photos, just imagine what it was like to be peeping at them through the lens of my camera!

The Future is Bright with Lorraine Sisco - In the Legs Gallery

Lorraine blew me away. She always does. This time she was rockin' a retro look in a fancy pink halter dress and wedges. She could pass for a beautiful housewife going to a party. But she's got a secret. If you pulled her skirt up you'd see sheer leopard panties, a tiny little thong. It's a clue to her true personality, unabashed sex kitten. She will blow you away too, writhing on the bed and playing with the perfect pussy nestled at the top of her long, shapely legs.

At Home in Corsets with Sarah - In the Corset Gallery

Yasmin Ling introduced me to Sarah. When I was in Oregon for my birthday this year, Yasmin made a call and soon thereafter, a beautiful blonde appeared. She hung out with us, eating dinner and dressing up in one of my corsets and Emily's 6" pumps. Sarah's not a professional model and that made this shoot all the more special. She loved getting naked for me and stuck around to do another shoot in latex (more on that later!). I'm going to have to thank Yasmin, again, for giving me such a great birthday present!

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Ruby's blog 
Ruby Luster and I have become really close since we met at last year's Skin Two Rubber Ball. She's been visiting LA a bunch and we see each other when she's here. Otherwise we chat long distance or meet up at events.

I've been helping her out with a new website design (I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out) and I've got her excited about blogging. That girl gets into a lot of trouble, so I can't wait to see what she posts about!

She only started posting yesterday, but I encourage you to head over and bookmark her site so you can get all the details of her adventures.

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Update, 14 November, 2007 

See Spot Go! with Darenzia - in the Encasement Gallery

The night before Darenzia was to return to NYC, we had an impromptu photo shoot in my bedroom. My fabulously talented friend, Milkboy, had made some sheer leopard print catsuits and was kind enough to loan them to me. D couldn't wait to climb into one of them, so we made it happen before she had to leave. She's so beautiful that I resist shooting her with her face covered, so this set is a bit different than most. In zentai and a tight black leather corset, she transformed into an animal before me. Strategically placed zippers allowed her to reveal her ample breasts and beautiful pussy, and I know she was turned on by the pseudo-anonymity. More about this shoot here!

Pumped with Apnea - in the Latex Gallery

I really adore inflatable latex clothing. Really. A lot. Leave it to Vex Clothing to take this twisted fetish gear and elevate it to haute couture! Apnea is wearing a stunning inflatable riding coat with matching custom hat, mini-skirt, pasties, gauntlets and spats. A few of us walked to a gas station a couple blocks away to use their tire-filling air machine to pump up the bustle of the coat. It was late at night in an unsavory downtown neighborhood, just us and the gangbangers.

We were shooting at Venus' place and found a spot in the parking garage with a peeling wallpaper mural of a nature scene. It is such an odd thing to see in a garage. Trees and a lake, and concrete and pipes. I couldn't resist having her pose before it. We made quick work of it since we had to keep hidden from the tenants and the security guards. And I heard that the mural was taken down a few days later. So glad we got to shoot there when we did.

Lover with Ruby Luster and Emily Marilyn - in the Legs Gallery

Emily, Ruby and I met up with Yasmin in Portland this summer and we caravaned out to the woods, about an hour away. That afternoon, we marveled at our lush surroundings, the beauty of the forest outside, and the stunning home we'd be staying in. Ruby and Emily decided to share the opulent master suite, sleeping together in the king-sized bed. The next day, we began to "work", though you can hardly call watching two beauties taking off their clothes "work". LOL

This was the first set we shot on that trip. Emily and Ruby were each wearing expensive lingerie and even more expensive shoes. I had them in the master bedroom lit only by the soft light streaming through the windows. Both girls love stockings and feet and lavished attention on the other girl, paying special attention to hosiery, heels, and toes. It was incredible watching them fondling each other, getting turned on, playing with themselves. I was sorry to see this set end, but excited about shooting them for another couple days.

Thanks to Twisted Cedar Estate for letting us take over for the week! More about this shoot here!

Distortion with Stoya - in the Portrait Gallery

Stoya's roommate had found a giant sheet of textured plexiglass and the moment I saw it, I knew I'd have to incorporate it into our shoot. This was the last thing we shot that day, after she'd removed her clothes in another set. The plexi distorted her image in strange, unexpected ways. I've added this as a little bonus gallery this week. Consider it an artful indulgence. =) More about this shoot here!

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Day trip to porno town 
The majority of my erotic work hovers between "tasteful nudes" and fetish fashion, and I love it. But, every once in a while, I get to work with a <cough> carefree spirit like Anastasia Pierce. It's a joy, seriously.

First of all, when you enter her house the first thing you see is a sign posted notifying you that you will be on webcam as her whole place is wired with cams in every corner. Then there's the shooting. We'll be going along like every other shoot I've ever done, and suddenly her fingers dip into her pussy out of nowhere. It's refreshing. LOL After previous experiences, for example, shooting for other sites and lots of hand-holding, trying to ease non-pro-models into doing nudes... It's nice to work with someone who is completely secure and utterly shameless.

It seems, too, that Ana delights in pimping for me. She arranges shoots and brings along other models. This time, I had the pleasure of working with Berlin. Wow. Talk about shameless! This is one girl who clearly enjoys herself. She had just come from a week of shooting with a hardcore BDSM site and was completely covered in bruises. We had to be pretty clever in hiding them. And then there's how she models. She'll get naked, she'll do spreads, she'll eat pussy, get fucked... None of that's new, really. What's noteworthy is how she does it. I guess you can call it "getting into character", but the moment she touches herself (or someone else does) she's purring sex sounds loud enough for the neighbors to hear. It was something else... LOL

I arrived before Berlin, so Ana and I started with a solo set. She pulled out these beautiful Wolford pantyhose and I photographed her on her bed. I have to say, she looked particularly gorgeous (and got seriously dirty!).

When we finished that set, Berlin was ready and I photographed her in a lycra catsuit (I'll refrain from calling it Zentai because it didn't have hands, feet, or a hood) and one of her corsets. Damn, but she corsets down really small. I believe she said the waist size was 19", quite a contrast from her ample bust.

With those solos out of the way, we moved in to Anastasia's dungeon and shot several sets with latex, bondage, ballet shoes and ballet boots, vibrators and a giant dildo. I couldn't possibly have had more fun with it.

Wait, I lied.... LOL The last set of the day, at Anastasia's suggestion, was dirty fun with balloons. That was a first for all of us, and a real shame that we weren't rolling video. The balloons would build up static as they were moved around, and they kept popping unexpectedly. We'd cry out like a bunch of girls each time it happened. At the end, they were popping them on purpose, but those surprise pops really shocked us!

Copyright © Christine Kessler 2007, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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Sugasm #104 
It's time for another Sugasm post. It's like all this great sex-bloggyness in one place. Easy to find. Easy to bookmark. A true humanitarian service! Go Sugasm!!

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #105? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

Editor’s Note: I thought it was Monday all day today. By the time I realized it wasn’t the new Sugasm had been up for a few hours. I’m just leaving it. The #105 post request will go up on Tuesday like normal.

This Week’s Picks
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“Neither of us heard the front door open when Jason’s roommate came home.”

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    Update, 07 November, 2007 

    Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

    I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got him bound to a custom bondage X. He was so turned on by the scene that he was rock hard the moment she strapped him down. Now, all you nasty pervs may get some funny ideas about booking a session with her and expecting Mistress to stroke your cock... Ain't gonna happen. This was a very special case, so just use it to fuel your fantasies. Ms. Betka's not about to touch you, so keep dreaming. Here, in part 2, you get to see what happens when naughty boys have their wildest fantasies come true. =)

    Pale Pink Pouff with Emily Marilyn - In the Legs Gallery

    I photographed Emily at Michael Helms' house back in July. She had a treat for me in the form of the flirtiest pink Italian heels. They were so high and so heavily arched that even Emily, who's a pro at tiptoeing around on the highest of heels, could barely walk a few paces. After watching her struggle, I took pity on her poor little tootsies, leading her to the guest bedroom and the pillowy soft bed. The windows provided our only light, bathing her in the sun's soft afternoon rays. She was clearly grateful, rewarding me with beautiful close-ups of her slender feet.

    Want Her Cookies? with Natalie Minx - In the Portrait Gallery

    Yeah, so Halloween was last week... I'm still celebrating with this week with Natalie Minx as the sluttiest Scout you've ever run across. Hmmm... Maybe we ought to pitch this to the Scouts. They'd make a killing at cookie sales!

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    Caught in the act 
    My good pal, Octavio, contacted me last week asking if he could do a little documentary about me for Vimby.com. I so have his back. Always. =)

    I was lucky enough to get permission from Digital Playground to shoot Stoya for the piece. I picked her up at her house and we went over to my friend's bar. Octavio met us there and he filmed me photographing her. Afterward, he interviewed both of us.

    I can't wait to see the final video and will post it here when it's up. In the meantime, here are some photos from our happy little morning. =)

    Copyright © Christine Kessler 2007, all rights reserved. If you are not reading this material on MyFetishDiary.com, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement.

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    Public Displays of Perversion 
    I recently ran across two websites dealing with Zentai in public.

    The first, The Zentai Project, is a lighthearted group who arrange public outings in full-coverage.

    The second, Ani's Adventures, is one woman's performance art/psychological study. She's a college student who has chosen to attend school in full zentai as a study in anonymity.

    The latter site makes for some interesting reading.

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    Update, 31 October, 2007 

    Kiss Curls with Betka Schpitz and K - In the Sessions Gallery

    I shot this raunchy scene with Ms. Betka and slave K up at her dungeon in Portland. They're both wearing similar rubber hoods, he's in a latex shorts suit, and she's in a latex mini-dress. She's got him bound to a custom bondage X. He was so turned on by the scene that he was rock hard the moment she strapped him down. Now, all you nasty pervs may get some funny ideas about booking a session with her and expecting Mistress to stroke your cock... Ain't gonna happen. This was a very special case, so just use it to fuel your fantasies. Ms. Betka's not about to touch you, so keep dreaming. In the meantime, stay tuned for part 2, next week, to see what happens when naughty boys have their wildest fantasies come true. =)

    In the Clouds with Jewell Marceau - In the Smoking Gallery

    Jewell Marceau asked if I'd shoot her smoking, and of course I agreed. She's wearing a gorgeous custom latex outfit from Atsuko Kudo in London, with a big, fancy matching hat. She looks like a rubber version of old-Hollywood, complete with big billows of smoke. Oh... And she gets naked. Even better!

    Here, Kitty Kitty with Erin - In the Portrait Gallery

    I've been saving these cute photos of Erin just for Halloween. She's in a sexy kitty cat outfit, for a while at least. She gets naked and the first thing to come off is the tail. Then the ears. I think she fancies herself more of a bad-girl than the costume allows for. Well, I, for one, am perfectly happy to let her shed the cutesy image. Naked Erin is better by far!

    Stairway to Heaven with Paige Richards - In the Latex Gallery

    This week's bonus gallery is taken from a shoot I did for Secret Magazine. The editor contacted me about a story he was doing about Paige Richards and asked me to provide photos to accompany it. Lust Designs was kind enough to provide us with some sexy latex, and Paige took care of the rest.

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